Collision Sentry

Product Accessories

Collision Sentry Z-clips Collision Sentry Z-clips

Z-clips attach to the Collision Sentry to allow for mounting on any hard surface. The Z-clips replace the use of the built in magnets and provide a mounting point to attach Collision Sentry to a variety of surfaces.

Each package of Z-clips comes with 4 of the clips, mounts and the screws to attach to the magnet mounts.  Fasteners to attach the Z-clips to a corner are not included.

How to Install Z-clips

Step 1: Use the included screws to fasten the Z-clips to the mounting "tee-nuts."  

Step 2: Remove cap by removing 3 top screws

Step 3: Slide Z-clips into place and tighten

Step 4: Install both sides

Step 5: replace cap